NFTOwnersPending stuck when CLP on NFTOwnersPending is not set to Public access (security issue!)

While securing my database, I set various eth related tables on no access for Public and Auth. But this prevents my NFTOwnersPending table to clear by sync and move them to NFTOwners.

I set the CLP back to public read write but the Pending minted NFT are still not cleared by the sync job after hours.

Old NFTOwnersPending still stuck, but newly minted ones work now after setting CLP on all eth related tables back to public read/write.
Question is: why this sync job relies on CLP and is not overridden by a master key?

Can I get a copy of the sync job you use to clear the NFTOwnersPending table so I can repair my database?

can confirm after various tests:

only when NFTOwnersPending is set to CLP Public full access, the pending confirmations are cleared to NFTOwners, elase they are stuck there forever

Expected: this sync job should work without CLP set to public with a master key override.

Now I have to write my own sync job to correct the issue.

Thanks for reporting this. I agree, the internal jobs should function regardless of the CLP settings. Will put this in the backlog.

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This should be fixed for NFTOwnersPending in Moralis Server version 0.0.247! Please update to the latest version and let us know if you experience any further issues.

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thanks @mayjer i can confirm it works in version 0.0.247 :muscle:
Very important for my security :slight_smile: