NFTOwners table does not show up


I am new to the Moralis family. I am trying to spin up a moralis server, and do what is in this tutorial. However, the problem that I am getting is that my NFTs are not being displayed in the server - the NFTOwners table simply does not exist. I currently have 12 NFTs in my wallet, and they are showing up in the PolygonNFTTransfers table. But the PolygonNFTOwners table simply does not exist.

Is there anything that I have to do to create the table in question?

Thank you

That table is no longer present in the nitro version of the server. Any new server is a nitro server now. You can use web3api to get the list of nfts.

Hi cryptokid, thanks for letting me know.

There are a few tutorials that I found which reference that table - it was really confusing. Might want to update some of the info thatโ€™s out there in regards to breaking changes.

Thanks again.

Am going through the same issue, can somebody help plz

We can not help now with those tables that are no longer present on nitro server. You can use web3api to get that information that was saved preciously in those tables.

I was following a tutorial โ€œI clone raribleโ€, how can I modify my codes so that they can be accommodated with nitro servers

You can look on this page to see how to use web3api:

You can use web3api in cloud functions too