NFT with changing metadata

i have tried to use Moralis API to get NFT for an owner address.
But the NFT coming in response is not showing with updated data.
Ex: - ETH chain
Smart Contract - 0x90d9fb9cd52fd640f589c1e74955ef573ce63ca6
token id - 2857

Please refer to Opensea to see NFT and metadata.

now we have an API function that you can use to resync that metadata:

Dear @cryptokid,

i need to run three api’s to get new sync data.

  1. reSyncMetadata Api
  2. put /nft/{address}/sync
  3. get nft/{address} to get new data

But this is not good solution if i have too run 3 api’s for that

at least there is a solution now

what you mean by step 2 and 3? what for you need those steps?