NFT tutorial Part 1 rarity

Hello Guys
It was my first time here. Thanks for the code and tut on youtube. At first i had some issues but now it works.

I have problems with the rarity part in the code. It doesnt work like i want.

There was a weight for the rarity and there was a percentage for the layers.

First one isnt really good i have to type myself wich class for example original from 1 to 100, than rate 101 to 200. it always count from zero if i make a parcial start.

The secont rarity setting for the layer makes no sense fore me. In the example is named the rarity than the name of the layer after that one line after original = 100. why does i have to set rarity 2 times? The rarity doesnt work with that because the files in the input are already named to the rarities.

Why does i have to run more than 1 time? Because some combinations of items in same layer makes no sense, example angry eyes with surprised mouth. Is there any way to set any conditions for the filenames? If angry eyebrows dont use surprised mounth???

2nd wish: generate mixed nfts not all in line?

3rd better mix? It generates many times same background color for following nfts.

It must look much natural as possible. It would very kind if you can help me out. I am trying to produce my collection with 10.000 unique nfts.


No one can Help me? @moralis :sleepy:

Hi @Nftkk
can you help me with the youtube tutorial link which you used to code?
Will see how i can help.