NFT Transfers not updating in NFTOwner Table

I am sending one NFT from wallet 1 to wallet 2.
Screenshot 2021-06-21 122029
The transaction was sent successfully but the NFTOwner Table is not updated accordingly.

Wallet 2 is not synced with Moralis. Wallet 1 is synced with Moralis. NFTTransfers Table shows the transaction correctly. Any idea why NFTOwner is not updating? Or is this something that the dev has to implement themself? Expected behavior is that the NFT is updated with new owner_of address.

if you are working on a local chain, your updates should apply after a next block generation.

Carlos Z

Thanks for the reply. I am on Polygon testnet but it should work the same. Yes, that is the behavior I am expecting but PolygonNFTOwners does not update with new owner_of. Only table that updates correctly is PolygonNFTTransfers, but that is only a list of transactions.

So you can confirm this is working normally for you?