NFT transfers API interprets ERC-20 transfer as ERC-721 and Unable to capture the NFT transfers in real-time (API response running 10 mins behind the blockchain network)

I have been evaluating the Moralis REST API to index NFT(ERC721) transfers. When I query using swagger with the following parameters,

  1. chain - polygon
  2. startBlock - 22202892
  3. endBlock - 22202892

I see the below transaction hash displayed as “ERC-721” transaction. However it’s a ERC-20 transfer. 0xe314f0dd90819fa287230842f4553d8e2b8a91d85a685224dd4471420373a4bf.

Since I am relying on contractType = ERC721 to filter the data from the response, this seems to be an issue with the detection of contract type.

My requirement is to pull ERC721 NFT transfers between two block numbers in an incremental order.

I also have observed that it is taking considerable time to see the real time NFT transfers via Moralis API. I can see the transfer in, but it takes 10 mins to appear through REST API.

Thank you, looking forward to your reply.

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we will check the part with ERC721

about that delay of minutes, we are working on decreasing it

@cryptokid thank you for the quick reply. I can still manage NFT transfers with the 10 mins delay for time-being (However, I want to make it in near real time basis. I was able to achieve the real time NFT transfer detection via Web3J interfaces if I know the contract addresses). Since I don’t know the externally deployed contracts addresses, I would like to rely with an NFT transfer API.

It will be helpful if you can investigate the contract type detection asap. ( I can’t miss any ERC721 transfers for the use-case I am working on). Thank you…!

we fixed that particular problem now