NFT transfer, options on who pays gas fee?

How do you transfer an NFT to another one of your accounts and charge the gas to the receiving account? I am the signer on both accounts.

For example, I have an account that has an NFT in it but the nativeBalance is zero.

I’m trying to avoid the need for two transactions: One to send ether to create native balance in the NFT account, and the second to transfer the token.

Since I am the signer on both accounts, can I charge the gas cost to the receiving account, so that I can do the transfer with one transaction rather than two?

No you can’t do this.

I saw something like this, trying to work around the double-transaction issue of having to transfer gas to the account, and then spend the gas to transfer tokens or NFTs out of the account. I wondered if it is a common problem or if anyone is working on it.

This is a different context, a custodial exchange. But it is the exact same problem, needing to transfer gas fees into an account in order to transfer tokens out:

Astoundingly, there really hasn’t been any simple way to do this until now. As an exchange owner, every time you want to send tokens from one of your user’s accounts, you have to calculate the gas fees, send that amount to their account (a transaction that also incurs gas fees), and send the tokens from their account. Two transactions, both of which incur gas fees and can result in minuscule differences of crypto “dust” remaining in user accounts. If you have thousands or millions of addresses, this method creates an enormous amount of work and fees for you as a custodial provider.