NFT Transactions not Working on BSC Test Net

I have an NFT marketplace app based off the rarible clone tutorials which works fine when I deploy the smart contracts on using ETH + Ganache on my local chain. I recently redeployed my contracts on the BSC testnet using a Moralis BSC speedy node.

My problem is this: Only on Chrome, it seems that users are unable to mint, buy, or sell NFTs. Whenever the metamask extension opens, and they approve a transaction, the transaction is stuck as “pending” in metamask. Everything works fine, and as expected on edge and firefox.

Is this a known issue using the BSC testnet? Or is it something I may be able to debug / does anyone have any suggestions on what I could attempt?

I will be testing with the BSC mainnet today, and will post an update if this works for me.


Hey @Spencer_devs

Could it be the wrong calculation of the commission in metamask Chrome extension? Maybe it’s too small in chrome? Could you check a vlue of comission in Chrome and another browser? :man_mechanic:

Looking forward to your response :man_factory_worker:

By Commission you mean the gas fee / gas price?

It is lower in chrome by default by a factor of ten, but even when I increase it to match the firefox default commission, I’m still experiencing the same behavior (transaction is stuck in pending)

By Commission you mean the gas fee / gas price?

This is what I meant.

Do you have transactions which still are “in pending status”?
You need to boost all stuck transactions one by one.