NFT trades API, one price for multiple token transaction

Hi guys,

I just made a request for OpenSea trades of a specific collection. One of the trades that returned (hash: 0xc4b779270d9b5197db9160a17901179d233afe2221adeb5d93d2bdfb9099cdb9) has multiple token transfers. The API only returns one ‘price’ (0,58 ETH) for the trade, but on OpenSea I see a different price for each token transfer (somewhere around that 0,58 ETH). Is this expected behaviour?


can you give more info? I guess that you can only identify the eth value that was sent in that transaction and not the individual prices of the tokens in the same transaction

Sure, I did a call to this collection: 12:00:00

It’s the trade of 15:23. It returns a price of 0,58 ETH. If I pull up OpenSea and look at the activity tab, it see that trade had a different price for each token transfer:

I would have expected the API to return the total amount of ETH transferred, but 0,58 seems to be the value of one of the token transfers, not all of them together?

what is the link in etherscan for that trade?

I see multiple trades on open sea on that link

That would be this one:

      "transaction_hash": "0xc4b779270d9b5197db9160a17901179d233afe2221adeb5d93d2bdfb9099cdb9",
      "transaction_index": "72",
      "token_ids": [
      "seller_address": "0xb32b4350c25141e779d392c1dbe857b62b60b4c9",
      "buyer_address": "0x1ace22a56af1ca4ca3edda6b22b1ef0007513684",
      "token_address": "0x986aea67c7d6a15036e18678065eb663fc5be883",
      "marketplace_address": "0x7be8076f4ea4a4ad08075c2508e481d6c946d12b",
      "price": "580000000000000000",
      "price_token_address": null,
      "block_timestamp": "2022-02-26T15:23:07.000Z",
      "block_number": "14282492",
      "block_hash": "0x3960e041e754bacf33bfb490343ca0cea3a0cc74e781c0ad1f260c41a959b8bc"

it looks like there were multiple tokens transferred in that trade, maybe that price is only for the first token from that list

Yes, exactly my point :slightly_smiling_face: Wouldn’t it make sense to show the price for each token or at least the total price for all tokens?