NFT Token Reflection

Hi, I would like to know if itโ€™s possible to easily give tokens as reflection reward by owning an NFT.

What I mean is if Moralis can read what NFT you got in a wallet and just send tokens on a daily basis. Or does that feature need to be coded in the NFT smart contract?

Yes, Moralis can read the NFTs in your wallet, however if you want to send NFTs to every person that owns it is probably better to use getContractNFTs, rather than getWalletNFTs, so you get all the owners and then just send the token out to each one(if you are using Moralisv2 you will have to use something like ethers/web3js directly to call the contract functions directly to send the tokens, however using this approad you will pay a lot of gas fees probably).

Even if you were to do this in a smart contract, youโ€™d still need a script that would call it daily (since something has to trigger the function call) and it would be more expensive, so your choice.