NFT sent but owner address not updating in web3 api response

Hi, I have sent some NFTs in polygon to a new wallet address. But after few hours, it still showing nothing in the response json. Could you please let me know how to force the API updated?

just adding this here:

x = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenIdMetadata({"address":"0x45d26a9c624f78a240795cd4ede8aa3a24df454c","token_id":"201","chain":"polygon"})


owner_of: "0x7e426921b7a63cfc1c5bbbb9d75593068647c4ea"

so it is not correct. The expected result of owner of should return 0xa0bb4b170a0cec353932F486602CaC7eead2a93b instead.

yes, it is seems that we have a backlog of transactions to process on polygon