/nft/search doesn't return all matching nfts

G’day all.

Here is the query in question: https://deep-index.moralis.io/api/v2/nft/search?chain=eth&format=decimal&q=VeeFriends%20Condor&filter=global&offset=0&limit=500

I can’t paste the result here for you becuase it is too long :frowning:

If you do it for yourself though and look through the results, you can see it found token id 0-6 correctly but if you look for token id 7, it’s not there. The same with token id’s 23 and 24 (and others), they just don’t show up.

If you have a look on etherscan you can see that token 7 does exist and even more confusingly, other tokens that were minted in that same batch mint do get matched correctly. https://etherscan.io/token/0xa3aee8bce55beea1951ef834b99f3ac60d1abeeb?a=7
If you look on opensea you can see all the name and all the other metadata (I would link it but Opensea isn’t loading for me right now)

From playing with the ​/nft​/{address}​/{token_id} request, I’ve noticed a correlation between
"is_valid": 0 and the tokens not getting matched.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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you are only showing first page?
if you adjust offset and limit you can see more pages of the results

This is very useful thanks for sharing this keep it up.

Thanks for the quick response (and apologies for my slow reply). Unfortunately I don’t think it’s related to the pages because as you can see in the query in my original post, the limit is set to 500 but if you run the query, it only return 35 results.

I’ll check today, forgot about this post

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@Mitch, I checked now, it looks like the problem is that those specific missing tokens don’t have metadata extracted and that is why that search doesn’t return those specific IDs

Thanks for looking into it, so how do we get this resolved? Is there anything we can do or do we need you guys to do something on your end?


In that specific case maybe you could search by name and filer out then by token_address.

regarding the missing metadata, is not something that you can do now.

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