NFT Rarities and DNA layerpercent

Hello everyone,

I’m making an NFT generator with the moralis Template from this repo:
I’m a bit stuck because i have added more rarities with layerpercent, but it only renders one rarity.
I think it has to do with the DNA but i don’t understand how to add the rarity layers to the DNA in index.js plz help.

Here is the part of the code i think i need to edit:

// create a dna based on the available layers for the given rarity
// use a random part for each layer
const createDna = (_layers, _rarity) => {
  let randNum = [];
  let _rarityWeight = rarityWeights.find((rw) => rw.value === _rarity);
  _layers.forEach((layer) => {
    let num = Math.floor(
      Math.random() * layer.elementIdsForRarity[_rarity].length
    if (_rarityWeight && _rarityWeight.layerPercent[]) {
      // if there is a layerPercent defined, we want to identify which dna to actually use here (instead of only picking from the same rarity)
      let _rarityForLayer = getRandomRarity(
      num = Math.floor(
        Math.random() * layer.elementIdsForRarity[_rarityForLayer].length
    } else {
  return randNum;

It seems that i have to set the elements, but in the example they only use 1,1.
I don’t understand how these elements work. have been playing around with the settings but not sure about the logic.

 // create required weights
 // for each weight, call 'addRarity' with the id and from which to which element this rarity should be applied
 let rarityWeights = [
   addRarity("super_rare", 1, 1),
   addRarity("rare", 1, 1),
   addRarity("Common", 1, 5),
   addRarity("Uncommon", 1, 4),
   addRarity("Rare", 1, 3),
   addRarity("Epic", 1, 2),
   addRarity("Legendary", 1, 1),
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The more I search the forum the more I get disappointed and think I need to try another platform. Lots of people have this question/problem and no solution has been given.