NFT Ranking Dapp

A few days ago I watched a episode posted by one of the moralis instructors NFT rarity Dapp My question is with moralis API And following the same idea can also be applied to rank in metaverse games / lands assets

like ranking in Axie Infinity assets [lands, players, weapons] etc

Or other web3 metaverse / game project
Like The SandBox

I am new to this industry I want to dig deeper into the power of moralis

I guess that if you manage to get all the rarity info from metadata then you can do statistics with it. I think that you will have to do that extra processing after you get the metadata that should contain rarity info.

The most difficult sides for me Where I Can Get right contract address for NFTs? which I can use to get all in Metaverse/ game metadata

as you know most existing game projects have a utility token
Like WonderLand

As You Can See Here in CoinGecko i can only see thair utility token address which is the best way to get thair NFTs/ in Game Assets Contract Address

I guess that you’ll have to do some research to identify those contract addresses for the nfts for every big project. If you know at least an nft then it should be enough.