NFT owners not syncing

Hi, seems there is a problem my dapp or maybe the moralis server. The ntf owners on polygon and rinkbey are not syncing properly since yesterday (before everything was working as expected). I tried creating a new server but the problem still happening. My server URL is Btw, I traveled from Europe to Asia before the issue but i asume that not might be the problem…

Thanks in advance.

I have (or rather had) the same issue. I found that updating the server version worked.

I already updated the server or even migrating to a new one but the problem still happening… Thanks for you response keyoke :slight_smile:

Oh no, sorry to hear that :(. If I think of anything I’ll let you know.

There was a problem with that sync of NFT owners, it should have been fixed ~8hours ago. If you check again now you are still having sync problems?

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Thanks @cryptokid, synch seems to work, thanks. But I’m struggling to find a way to get it to ‘catch up’ on the missed items. Have tried adding a watch for the address and also calling it myself in a cloud function (const results = await“watchBscAddress”, {address: “0x…”})) but nothing seems to want to populate the missed items. . .

Oh, found a way, this works: const results = await"watchBscAddress", {address: "address goes here", "sync_historical": true})

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Hello i am founder WSPP
me too after update
the BscNFTOwner and BscBalance is not syncronize
please help me cause we will launching our NFT marketplace on Next months
this is my server