NFT Owner not sync after transfer

i have a problem about NFT Owner record because after transfer NFT from user 1 to user 2 in moralis still owned by user 1 when i hit Web3API /nft/{{address}}/{{token_id}} from admin dashboard, but i have checked on polygonscan it has been done transfered to user 2. this is url polygonscan

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Thanks for reporting, we’ll have to investigate why it doesn’t work as expected.

is this still not fix? i have the same problem

what is the particular example that you have?

const options = {
address: “0xdc45fff68718a6aac12185dfffc355898614ea4f”
chain: “0x38”
token_address: “0x6c6ee9b4ee43E18e7C418f00EFc0868347939f53”
const res = await Web3Api.Web3API.account.getNFTsForContract(options);

its returning empty empty array

but it show in bsc scan

when i check in Web3API /nft/{{address}}/{{token_id}} from admin dashboard
the owner is still previous address

it looks like I get the right owner now

but when i transfer again, its show the previous owner again, you can check it again.
it need 20 - 25 minutes to change the owner.
do you know why?

it shouldn’t take that long, it should work faster

you can check again, its still the previous owner

yes, I checked, I can confirm that it is not yet updated after 14 minutes

does this have anything to do with blockchain traffic?

no, it shouldn’t be related to blockchain traffic, we are investigating now

okay, im waiting for you answer,
thank you for the response

can you do another test transfer now? now it has the right owner again

I would expect it to work faster now

okay ,i’ll try again

thats nice, thank you for your help

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do you know what the problem is so i can cope with this later?

it looks like it was something specific to our internal processing, if it happens again you can write here

okay, thank you for your help

hello @cryptokid, relatively new user here to the api but seems like there is an issue with syncing “owner_of” for get nft token owner. The weird thing is that the owner value is correct in the results of the larger nft owner query.

looks like it finally synced but took like 30 minutes!