NFT Metadata Sync on Polygon Mainnet

I am developing a NFT Market-place type application , which makes use of Moralis NFT-API . The development and testing of the app was done on mumbai-testnet(app made use of moralis Mumbai server) . The testing of pre-prod was suppose to be done on mainnet . However on polygon mainnet , Moralis DB is taking a larger time to sync and compared to testnet (around 10-15 minutes)

I am willing to subscribe to paid moralis service if using it would solve the NFT Metadata sync issue.

Can anyone please confirm that if i were to use the paid version , this particular issue will not occur ? .
Thank you

hi, in particular there is a delay now on polygon because of a backlog of transactions that we have to process

this problem doesn’t depend on the paid/free version, it is a temporary problem that we have to fix now with polygon in particular, in case that this is the reason of the delay that you see now for that metadata sync

OK . I understand . Thank you for replying so promptly .
May I know how long will it take for Moralis team to resolve this particular issue .?

(P.S : Absolutely looove the work you guys are doing !!! )

we don’t know exactly when we fix it, it shouldn’t take days