NFT Marketplace Error "Expected private key to be unit8Array...."

Hello I have been following the tutorial on the NFT marketplace and I have all the NFTs showing on BSC Chain as intended. The Sign request with metamask working fine and the NFT Marketplace example contract is deployed on BSC Mainnet. I also have the synced offeringsplaced and offeringsclosed however when I try to add an NFT up for sale I get the following error in the console:

VM396:1 POST 400
(anonymous) @ VM396:1
dispatch @ moralis.js:25123
ajax @ moralis.js:25130
(anonymous) @ moralis.js:25237
Promise.then (async)
request @ moralis.js:25231
run @ moralis.js:429
run @ moralis.js:355
placeOffering @ logic.js:258
offerNFT @ logic.js:248
await in offerNFT (async)
onclick @ index.html:1
moralis.js:27678 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Expected private key to be an Uint8Array with length 32
    at handleError (moralis.js:25259)
    at async placeOffering (logic.js:258)
    at async offerNFT (logic.js:248)

Thank you any guidance would be great

Are you using private key somewhere?
it looks like you call a cloud function there named placeOffering.