NFT Lazy Minting on Opensea

I am aware there’s tutorial on “Lazy Minting on Rarible platform with Rinkerby”, however is there one for Opensea platform? Or can one follow the Rariable tutorial and simply replace (see below):

     //Upload to Rarible/Opensea (plugin)
       let res = await Moralis.Plugins.opensea.lazymint({
            chain: 'rinkerby',

      //  let url = `${token_address}:${token_id}`
let ur = `<asset_contract_address>/<token_id>`

The opensea plugin unfortunately doesn’t support lazy minting

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Thank you for the response… If I may ask, are you aware if the Rarible Rinkerby is still working? For some reason, having issue uploading image (“name => description => submit”) to the Rinkerby Rarible platform.

Not sure if opening a Rarible account is the answer.

What do you mean uploading the image? What are you uploading the image to and how are you doing it?

“What are you uploading the image to… and How are you doing it”?

I do not understand this question. Is there a particular place to upload the image to? I simply followed the tutorial, creates the interface. However when I click “Submit Button” nothing happens. Do I have to have a demo Rarible account? It seems the Rinkerby Rarible site doesn’t even exist anymore

Wait what exactly are you doing? You built something using the rarible plugin and it is not working or are you using the rarible website itself?

I am simply trying to build an NFT Minting Marketplace… Have tirelessly searched for all the tutorials and the ones that keep coming up on Moralis doesn’t work. Finally I came across this video (Moralis)… successfully created an interface… yet the Submit button (to submit a minting) does not do anything. I noticed in the video tutorial the instructor used Rinkerby Rarible and I was wondering is the “Submit button” not working because I don’t have a Rarible account setup? I only have Opensea.

Perhaps there’s another NFT Minting Marketplace tutorial out there.

Are you getting any errors in the console?