NFT GIF showing content not available yet

I just deployed a smart contract on rinkeby and minted an nft with a gif on ipfs but it’s not showing on opensea testnet.
Here is the link to the NFT;
The metadata is showing the link to the gif image;

What is the problem here ? is it just opensea tesnet that is taking too much time ?
I just added an “animation_url” with no image url as I want the gif to be shown directly !

Please help me I’m new to this.

Hi @hriguich

The url under “animation_url” is “ipfs://QmNnY5VZMt6BkCmQDiJpa1rWBQPERN5nPbmDqXg7jBmGoX/deluxeplot.gif”. Browsers do not support ipfs:// at this time.
You need to change the start of url from ipfs:// to


maybe OpenSea doesn’t expect that animation_url key name, maybe if you use image instead of animation_url it would work