NFT Gallery/marketplace looking for tech partner

Hi Everyone,

My name is Christian, I am the founder/CEO of Urth ( We are in the process of building a platform called Urth Art which will be an NFT marketplace, focusing on fine art photography, experimental film, digital/crypto art and soundscapes.

Our vision is to create the experience of a modern art gallery in a digital space. The concept is quite advanced, however the missing link is a framework for building this Web3 app and an experienced blockchain/javascript developer to join our team.

We have a strong team of front end and traditional backend developers and UX/UI designers.

I would love to be put in contact with an experienced blockchain/javascript developer who can join our team and bring our vision to life.

We are launching V1 of Urth Art on Shopify and will manually onboard users to the blockchain, however V2 which I am referring to above will be a Web3 app. We are an experienced team with a proven track record, and an established brand in the photography/art/product space.

I can share a lot more information. I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in this.

May be, already building an NFT platform with (for) @Cacao and optionally can combine it? Also have connection with (new), where i introduced Moralis :wink: . Nice to see more info , optional pm me via Moralis discord…

CasNWK, thanks for your response. How do I private message you so we can continue this conversation?