NFT Data out of date


I’m working on a small project that uses NFT data on this contract: 0xc631164B6CB1340B5123c9162f8558c866dE192

When I run Moralis.Web3API.token.getAllTokenIds it returns attributes from before the reveal, as in the example below:

  token_address: '0xc631164b6cb1340b5123c9162f8558c866de1926',
  token_id: '7310',
  amount: '1',
  contract_type: '',
  name: 'Divine Anarchy',
  symbol: 'DA',
  token_uri: '',
  metadata: '{"description":"[Divine Anarchy](","image":"","name":"#7310","attributes":[{"trait_type":"REVEAL","value":"SOON"}]}',
  synced_at: '2021-11-13T05:42:02.708Z'

The sync time is earlier than the reveal date. Am I able to trigger a resync or does this need to be done on Moralis’ end?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @cmeronuk currently we don’t resync metadata at the moment, but it will be added in the future