NFT creation - Metadata missing

I am following the instruction in youtube: Generate NFTs with this simple code (this could make you millions) PART 2 - YouTube

The layered art creation is successful, and the image and metadata path is captured in the program as shown below (example)

  1. image cid is : QmYaUjWcrQVuAr5mEn2WDJFKSVBuBcfuc851q4TZPRgWEp

This displayed fine in the previous runs and I was able to deploy the contract using the as mentioned in the tutorial.

However, starting this week, the upload of digital art as well as metadata doesnt appear in Moralis server dashboard anymore. The metadata doesnt display these artefacts. I created a new server to test and the issue remains the same.

Is there anything changed in the past week or so?

Source code is same as one provided in the youtube video guide.
some of my server details:
app id: b9of9YNkbtIeIRwEMh8CxI8Tz9aaJvu3EaWv7Ul0

try to use this prefix for IPFS:

Thanks @cryptokid : With that dns name I could now successfully upload the files to IPFS and view the files. However these files do not appear in the Moralis server dashboard -> under β€œMetadata”. Same codebase - no changes.

How were they saved to that metadata table before?

It is sorted now.
As of yesterday, I was able to view the files uploaded via moralis ipfs gateway.
Ex: Access denied (

However today i get Access denied like the screenshot above. Is there any other means to access this metadata files?

Are you using a VPN? You can always access IPFS content by using another gateway like and the hash or cid.