Nft collection syncing does not work for ve style tokens

Contract address: 0xbba4115ecb1f811061ecb5a8dc8fcdee2748ceba chain: eth mainnet

I am finding that while I can sync individual token ids, i can’t sync the entire collection. I thought maybe it takes several hours but despite multiple sync calls and half a day of waiting the collection metadata/token_uri is unchanged. status returned is 201 triggered for index

curl -X 'PUT' \
  '' \
  -H 'accept: */*' \
  -H 'X-API-Key: KEY_HERE'

however, i do see that individual token syncing works. this could be because these are ve style tokens so not your typical NFT

for now you can sync only specific token ids (using resyncMetadata endpoint), or if the token uri points to ipfs, then when you access the token ids they will be added automatically to a queue to be synced

got it thanks. i found the collection refresh api in the documentation. maybe worth throwing an error in the API call to signify that?

is this for all collections, or just veNFT collections

I don’t know what is different on veNFT collections

You can not resync an entire collection now, only specific token ids.

In this particular case, as the token uri doesn’t point to an IPFS url, you will have to trigger resyncMetadata for all the token ids, in case that the token_uri changed and you want to get the new update info

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