NFT API - getNFTOwners() Not Working as Expected

Hello, i’m using this function to get the array of the owners of the nfts in my test contract.
The array should pop-up 8 nfts, but only display 6 of them. Tried to refreshing and updating the server but doesn’t work.
The 2 missing nfts where minted about 1 hours ago, the other a lot before.

This is the contract address on Mumbai Polygon: 0x6F6990f844e2Ddb8B84DFCF8d08e60EDc32fb4D7

const getNft = async () => {
    if (isAuthenticated) {
      const options = {
        chain: "mumbai",
        token_address: ContractAddress,
      const nftOwners = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getNFTOwners(options);

can you paste the token ids for the missing nfts, and also the contract/token address?


7 and 8

what is the web3api call that doesn’t return those 2 tokens?

I’m not sure i do understand what do you mean… you mean what is Web3Api? it’s the NFT api from Moralis, and i display the owner of the nft and the timestamp here in the front end, and as you can see only 6 are displayed:

ok, got it, the owners endpoint doesn’t return those two tokens

Yep, what do you think could be the problem?

we will investigate, it looks like something on our side

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You think it’s something that could be solved in days or weeks?

it should be solved in days or faster

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Hey :muscle:t3: Have you solved the problem?

do you still see this problem now?

Just tested, now it works perfectly but the synced_at now returns null, i can’t display the time of the transaction…how can i fix?

can you paste that part from that image?

synced_at is specific to metadata, in this particular case the token_uri seems invalid, so no metadata is synced.

the time of the transaction is from block_number_minted

Ok got it, and how can i return the time of the block_number_minted?

there is a way to get the timestamp for a block number, you have to make another api call, for now we have getBlock endpoint:

Or maybe I can use getContractEvents inserting the Mint event? This will log the time stamp of each transaction right?

I thought that you were using an API endpoint there

you mean this one: ?