Next Steps in my Career


i am on the edge to change my Career.

I was working for 10 Year as an Automation Engineer all over the World and I learned a lot during that time, after my Engineer Career I got promoted to a Teamleader Position, where I literally got bound to my Chair and pure Administrative work.

First I was very prod about the promotion, less working hours & better Salary (does sound nice :wink: ). But after some Year I have to admit it isn’t the Work I want to do regardless of the Salary …

I am in Crypto since 2017 and I really suck at trading :wink: so I started my Developer Journey this Year.

I learned Javascript and Solidity and did some small Project for my own.

So now I feel completely lost …

I mean I just did some Online Courses and when I scroll through some Crypto Job Announcements I just see Senior Developer and so on …

Is there any advice what I should do next ?

Kind Regards


Hi @KryptoKnight! Thanks for the message

Let me know more details in DMs, if you have been in Academy, done any courses, etc.

I want to see what can we do for you there. Please shoot me a DM here in Forum or in Discord if you prefer; Kresimir#3615.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi @KryptoKnight

Next month, I’ll start my crypto remote job as a developer. Web3jobguy offers this job, but I’m a little unsure of how to gain experience in remote positions. Is there any suggestion you can give me regarding this?