Newly minted tokens returning null metadata on rinkeby

I’ve been getting null metadata for newly minted tokens again since yesterday. It just started working properly 3/4 days ago. Before that it wasn’t working for 8/9 days. This project was meant to be completed a week ago but here I am having to wait doing nothing for weeks because of issues on Moralis’ end. Can I get any sort of news on when this null metadata thing might ACTUALLY get fixed?
Chain is Rinkeby.

I think that it was a backlog of smart contracts that were indexed, so maybe some of your smart contracts have been indexed few days ago

It’s not a new contract. It was indexed over a week ago. I’ve minted several tokens without any problem on this contract until yesterday.

It looks like we still have a big backlog to process on Rinkeby, we plan on having a way to sync some specific contracts

So how long will it take until the metadata starts working again? It’s already been over 10 days wait for just 2 days worth of functionality.

I don’t know exactly, we are planing on having a way to index specific contracts on demand too, this is a particular problem only related to rinkeby