Newbie question- I want to make sure my idea will work

Hi all,

I am a newbie in some senses of the space but I have been in crypto and nfts for some time now. Im working on an idea for a website and would like to make sure that I am going in the right direction before continuing. I will post my idea for the website below and if you can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. I am also in the discord if that helps at all for continuing the conversation.

Website idea: I want to build a plain and simple webpage that has very little info on it when opened, what I would like it to show is a NFT project name(bored ape yacht club) and the word approved if a specified wallet holds a specified asset, or denied if the wallet no longer holds the asset. I never want a user to login with metamask to collect their information. I would build individual webpages based on each person that needs one and in the code have it look at a nft contract address and asset number to retrieve the owners wallet information. If the owners wallet is the correct wallet built into the code it will show an approved message, if the owners wallet is no longer the correct wallet built into the code it will display a denied message. It would need to pull this information from the Eth blockchain and update the minute an asset is sold.

Is what I am asking to do possible with you service? Any help is greatly appreciated.

My discord handle is Saltwaterreefer and you can always message me there to talk.

I appreciate all your help.

I think technically it is possible, but you’d always need to collect some data from the user to verify them. If you don’t want them to sign in with metamask, you could use and users can log in with their email, twitter, fb etc.

If you check the ethereum-boilerplate on Github you can see there is an option for NFT Balances. Moralis can fetch the data from ETH network and display which NFTs does the user hold. If they sell, it’s gone from the page. I think this is what you are looking for pretty much!

As AUNS-Ecosystem said you will need to connect the wallet in some way to be able to retrieve the owner or user’s wallet info (other than it being inputted manually which won’t work for your use).

If you don’t want the user to sign in e.g. to Moralis, you can do a direct connection with a wallet like MetaMask. Then you can get connection info like wallet address and chain. In this case, it’s not really a login, it’s more like user gives your app permission to read their address.

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