New Tokens Created

Hi there!

I am wanting to show new contracts created on multiple chains. I have done a basic version here:

Currently I am not using Moralis for this data, but would like to as it seems easier to use.

I have watched your videos and read some docs, but can’t figure out exactly where to pull this data.

Is there a websocket or fetch I could use like “get all contracts created in last 10 minutes on BSC”?


Hey @MorphMan

You can use solution How to subscribe to OwnershipTransferred event for any smart contract [SOLVED]

OwnershipTransferred is the first event after creating a new ERC20 token.

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Awesome that works well thanks!

Also is there any way to get historical data too? I.e. all OwnershipTransferred events since a certain block or time?

Yes, you can watch contract events and track them in real-time. Do check out -

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