New NFT collection revealed. Searching with API rigth away?

Hello fam!

If a new collection is revealed at 12:00 for example, can I get the uptaded metadata at 12:01 using the API command “await Moralis.Web3API.token.searchNFTs(options)” with the right options??

Not asking for code! Just know if the API need some time or if the information query is in real time.


The metadata is refreshed only in some particular circumstances. Depending on what type of token uri you have, like on ipfs or not, you may need to use resyncMetadata for every token id (when token uri is not on ipfs) or to try to access the nfts and they will be added to a queue to resync the metadata automatically (with ipfs).

Ok! Thx for your prompt answer.
The collection is tied to ipfs so I think it will be almost instantaneous.