New Moralis.file(..) not setting correctly?

I am following this guide and the docs

When using:

const nft = new Moralis.File(, file);
console.log('nft', nft);

The nft is returning:


Is that correct? Because when I then use:

await nft.saveIPFS();
 const imageURI = nft.ipfs();

I get Property 'ipfs' does not exist on type 'File'.ts(2339)

it may be a different method now, you can do also a console log for nft after nft.saveIPFS() to see how it looks

Here is the log

    const file = new Moralis.File(, data)
    await file.saveIPFS();


you can see there _ipfs that has the link that you want

But the type checking in TS fails, so cant compile. Managed to get around it with:

    const file = new Moralis.File(, data);
    await file.saveIPFS();

    // Save file reference to Moralis
    const jobApplication = new Moralis.Object('NFTs');
    jobApplication.set('description', this.nftForm.value.description);
    jobApplication.set('file', file);

    // Retrieve file
    const query = new Moralis.Query('NFTs');
    query.find().then(function ([application]) {
      const ipfs = application.get('file').ipfs();
      const hash = application.get('file').hash();
      console.log('IPFS url', ipfs);
      console.log('IPFS hash', hash);