New function Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTs work bad and return not actual data

Hi @all,
I use Moralis for my application, and I used function Moralis.Web3.getNFTs for get NFTs, but now I see that function is deprecated.
Ok, your create new function, but now that function return me old data.

  1. That is my NFT contract on rinkeby
  2. In my contract I’m have function setTokenURI and sometime I’m changed NFT content ok ? and now show you in Remix new URI, I’m changed that yesterday that is new URI !
  3. Now about old function getNFTs that function returnred me response with new URI like my contract returned in Remix!
  4. Ok lats go check what returned me new function, and we have a bad/old URI

I try restart my Moralis server.
Opensea returned me good URI :

Maybe anybody can fix new function ? I’m wanna use it because new function support avalanche network :slight_smile:

P.S. sorry for my English, I’m Belarus :slight_smile:
P.S. I must deleted all images from that post sorry, because I new user and can’t attach images to post, lol

the problem here is only that the token uri is not the right one in the new function, but it returns the all the NFTs?

I deployed new NFT ERC1155:
new function return 1 NFT

Old function return me two NFTs:

Old function response