New event table class not showing up on dashboard panel

Hey there,

Iโ€™ve created a new smart contract event watcher within both programmatically and dashboard. Both of them returned success on moralis server console log but not shown on dashboard as a table class object.

Here is my programmatic script and console message;

const Moralis = require("moralis/node")


const contractAddresses = require("./constants/networkMapping.json")

let chainId = process.env.chainId || 31337

let moralisChainId = chainId == "31337" ? "1337" : chainId

const contractAddress = contractAddresses[chainId]["MyBoredApe"][0]

const serverUrl = process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_MORALIS_SERVER_URL

const appId = process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_MORALIS_DAPP_ID

const masterKey = process.env.masterKey

async function main() {

  await Moralis.start({ serverUrl, appId, masterKey })

  console.log(`Working with contract address ${contractAddress}`)

  let MintedOptions = {

    // Moralis understands a local chain is 1337

    description: "MyBoredApe Event Watcher",

    chainId: moralisChainId,

    address: contractAddress,

    topic: "Transfer(address,address,uint256)",

    abi: {

      anonymous: false,

      inputs: [


          indexed: true,

          internalType: "address",

          name: "from",

          type: "address"



          indexed: true,

          internalType: "address",

          name: "to",

          type: "address"



          indexed: true,

          internalType: "uint256",

          name: "tokenId",

          type: "uint256"



      name: "Transfer",

      type: "event"


    filter: { eq: ["sender", "0x0"] },

    tableName: "Minted",

    sync_historical: true


  const mintedResponse = await



    { useMasterKey: true }


  if (


  ) {

    console.log("Success! Database updated with watching events")

  } else {

    console.log("Something went wrong...")




  .then(() => process.exit(0))

  .catch((error) => {





As you can see, i got success response from server but i canโ€™t see the new event sync table object on my dashboard panel.
Iโ€™m using localDevChain.
Server url:

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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I restarted coreservices, the tables are created now

Thank you so much. Very appreciated. :+1: :pray:

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