Networks tab not working on dashboared

screen just says loading with a bunch of console errors

i need the network tab to connect to ganache

Can you paste the server url?

i’m just going to delete it and create a new on for local dev…
think I’ve earned a free upgrade?

how do I set up evm to use local?
what chain do I use?

    const chain = EvmChain.ETH;

Where do you want to use that chain?

need to speed up testing using ganache…
making api calls requires chain
I set it to chain id 1

    let response = await Moralis.EvmApi.utils.runContractFunction({

response bad request 

Web3api doesn’t work with a ganache server. You will be able to do that with a testnet server.
You can also run directly a contract function from front end.

aware of that… problem is running out of testnet tokens…
your ceo says you can connect moralis to ganache

no way to test moralis apis locally? if not my testing just slowed down to a crawl
since faucets don’t give a lot of eth

For the equivalent of runContractFuncrion you can use executeFuncrion in front end or directly with web3 or ethers even in backend.

If that api is the only one that you need now.

negative… ganache is not even storing the transactions…
you guys need testnet solutions… minting an nft on ganache isn’t working

minting an nft should work without issue, you mint it by making a request with metamask and in metamask you set local ganache network or other local devchain that you are using

or you say that the devchain server is not working as expected and it is not even storing the transactions even if they are made on your local devchain?

I get a transaction id, but nothing back from the api’s…
trying it by forking goerli testnet using ganache… soon as my metamask can
connect we’ll get rocking…

I haven’t earned a free upgrade?

what do you mean with a free upgrade?

better to not fork an entire blockchain, usually you don’t have to do that

I’m losing time on this… whats the point of the ceo making a video showing how to connect moralis to local if the thing doesn’t work with local?

means I gotta write two separate codes for testing… with the EVM and without?

  const [_W3, setW3] = React.useState(new Web3(new Web3.providers.HttpProvider('http://localhost:9545')))

connects to truffle

    const networkId = await;
    const chainId = await _W3.eth.getChainId();
    console.log(networkId,chainId) = 5777 and 1337

    const testnetNFTs = await Web3Api.Web3API.account.getNFTs({
      chain: chainId
Unhandled Runtime Error
Error: Invalid chain!

your web3 stuff does not work with truffle/ganache chain ids?

you guys are going to need to offer better testing resources… you see how long the que is for Ropsten faucet? Today is october 3rd…

goerli is giving out .10… . 20 if you use alchemy

it’s been 6+ hours of me trying to use your tools locally with no results

you can try any evm testnet chain that we support, bsc testnet for example works too

getNFTs it is not going to work with local devchain