Netlify home game vs. deployed

So I’m hosting on Netlify and pulling user addresses out of Moralis to shove into a Transak fiat bridge ReactJS widget. It works a peach running in localhost. But once I deploy the kit it goes dumb.

Localhost run:

Identical code served from Netlify.

Is there something about the Moralis user session that gets bifrucated when you serve it? Or is there another working hypothesis as to what just went wrong? Kinda stuck.

Hm…checking isAuthenticated()…


Can we see the rest of the console please? What specifically stops working once deployed?

Can you also check your Netlify deploy logs for any issues/errors?

After some looking around I’ve noticed that our onboarding functions aren’t absorbing user addresses. There’s no address data on the server to retrieve. Seems we’ve been using the “signup” function with just e-mail and password, followed by the “login” function because we onboard users to MetaMask later in the flow.

Weird part is I’m getting a leftover signature request on login from somewhere that pops up MetaMask and demands a signature, which it gets. Yet it never takes the address into the Moralis record…

Hm…tracking down that signature request to ask it why it’s not remembering user addresses…