Needing WalletConnect examples. Customising list of mobile wallets etc

I have managed to get authentication working using WalletConnect and the QR Code it shows, to connect a desktop web dApp (built in Angular) to a mobile MetaMask.

But how can I customise the list of ‘Desktop’ wallets that it provides in the other tab in the dialog?

The documentation mentions a mobileLinks property. But nothing for Desktop?

Also the link provided (in Section 4) for the list of supported wallets isn’t helpful for finding out the lowercased names to use.

I’m using Moralis 1.8.0 and @walletconnect/web3-provider 1.7.8


Update/also :

  • When viewing the dApp on Mobile Safari on iPhone, and selecting MetaMask (ie: not using WalletConnect), it opens up MetaMask and authenticates fine. But when viewing the dApp in the MetaMask built-in browser, clicking the ‘Mobile’ MetaMask WalletConnect option goes and opens the App Store link to MetaMask, even though I obviously have it installed. :slight_smile:

  • When viewing the dApp on Mobile Safari on iPhone, and selecting Trust Wallet on the Mobile options, it opens the Trust Wallet app and shows a message saying “Connecting may takes a few seconds”. This then times out with a message saying ‘Failed to connect’.

  • When viewing the dApp in the built-in browser in Trust Wallet, clicking the Trust Wallet Mobile option opens a link to which has a button saying ‘Open in Trust Wallet’. Clicking that results in a page saying “Something went wrong. Please try again.”.

  • Finally, how would I go about authenticating a user using Coinbase Wallet. It doesn’t appear to be supported in WC.