Need help with tutorial - NFT Game 101 (ERC1155)

Need help regarding this tutorial:

i have cloned the git repository:

at quick launch instructions i am stuck at 3rd step.

i have deployed the local dev chain server, environment Ganache,
Renamed the env.example file to env

in env file it is asking for so many credentials and in my moralis server details section i can’t find what exactly required for this project.

Env File:

Moralis Server Details:

Can somebody see the above screenshots and point the server details i should submit in env file to launch the app.

and if Ash Beech can do a video on launching the project it would be great.

frpc part you’ll find it in devchain proxy server tab

So, i just need to get the subdomain from devchain proxy server tab and update the subdomain in frpc section of env file?
That’s it?

what should i submit in # Mandatory info for starting the app

this part, is from the tab that you showed, as in moralis_server_url, application_id, master_key, api key you get from a different place, you have web3api key on the left, char_contract I guess that is a contract address