Native Balance vs Token Balance Question

Hi folkes!

Got an interesting one for you, We’re not seeing some token balances on certain wallet addresses via the erc20 API endpoint as we’d expect.

0x13d0ef4ccfcea902e6b73eb867f76e50c1dedd94 definitely holds ETH but it won’t show on Moralis’s Web3 API, We’ve heard a few similar stories for AVAX & BSC on other wallets too (Although it seems like some wallets it does appear on, but not all where we’d expect as they’d hold it).

Thanks so much for all your help!

x = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getNativeBalance({"chain":"eth","address":"0x13d0ef4ccfcea902e6b73eb867f76e50c1dedd94" })
{balance: '1016331385723208513'}

Hiya, Thanks for responding, I think the issue is that /(address)/erc20 call should return Ethereum amongst other tokens, for example we have another wallet (0x2d1bdC590Cb736097Bc5577c8974e28dc48F5ECc) which returns on the fantom chain

{"logo": null, "name": "Ethereum", "chain": "fantom", "symbol": "ETH", "balance": "5452850516376685", "decimals": "18", "thumbnail": null, "token_address": "0x74b23882a30290451a17c44f4f05243b6b58c76d"}

Should we not be seeing Ethereum as well as AVAX and BSC for the appropriate chains alongside the rest of the tokens?

that 0x74b23882a30290451a17c44f4f05243b6b58c76d seems to be only an ERC20 token on fantom chain for wrapped eth. There are different api calls to get the native currency and to get the ERC20 token balances.

Ah got it, Thanks so much @cryptokid :slight_smile:

Hey can anyone explain me i am still getting confusion.

get native balance (ETH/BNB/MATIC)

get tokens (all ERC20s)

get NFTs (all erc721 and erc1155)