My server url and app id is on client side and someone else used it

I already read this this
and this I need help on how to hide my application id and server url
but still I donโ€™t how this protect my database

Because Now I can see someone else used my credentials to mint and host their data

You can delete their data then if they used your server without permission. You can protect you database. You can disable public class creation, use ACLs, CLPs.

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still this is not clear to me because with only same creads I created my NFTs so if it is there on website anyone can use it to do same

I build this and code is opensource with ServerURl and APP ID

you mean that someone cloned your site without changing anything?

yes and use it to mint there NFTs

and what is the difference compared to minting NFTs directly on your website?

you seems right but with website I think at least I do some checks If I want

But I got your point its better to make a server and use SDK form there make more sense am I right