My newest transactions aren't loading

Made a couple of new contracts that I’m testing on the ropsten network. However when I transfer tokens to the contract they are not being added to my EthTransactions / EthTokenTransfers datatables. Does this ususally take a while to post to the tables or is this a bug?

Could you give us more information regarding the setup.

Are you watching the contract events through our plugins?
Did they eventually show up in the table after a delay?

Token transfers do not usually take time to get updated in the table.

Let us know with more information. Thanks.

I’m not watching them through the plugin and it’s been about 30 minutes since the transactions. I’m am using the same frontend that I was using on an earlier version of the contract and those transactions posted fine and would show up immediately. When I changed to this new contract however it doesn’t seem to be showing up at all.

Could you provide us with the same frontend code so that we can evaluate your issue. And also mention changes that you’ve made when you created the old contract and now the new ones.



Privately I would love to! But, this might help: I just started a new moralis server with the same settings as my last. This one is adding the transactions properly with the new contract. My other server is not. I’m not sure how the other one got messed up but it is no longer posting my new transactions.

Can you share the server subdomain of the other server so we can check?