My Minted NFT is not Showing in the NFT API

When using the getNFTs JS function or its REST equivalent, it returns 0 every time, although the NFT is listed in the EthNFTOwners table.

It always returns - {“total”:0,“page”:0,“page_size”:500,“result”:[],“status”:“SYNCED”}

Am I missing a concept? server -

did you provide an address for getNFTs function?
what was that address, and what was the chain?

yes definitely. the same address works with getNativeBalance fine. The chain is ‘testnet’ and the address. is 0x39b5508bcBa6fF7ffd7DFE5431eC8983D8114fde . Also see

It looks like it doesn’t return that NFT now either, we’ll have to investigate

can you share the source code for that contract that you deployed there?

it looks like it doesn’t implement the interface for ERC721

Not sure how it would make it through compiling if that was the case. It is multi file structure as such
import ‘./ERC721.sol’;
contract UnlabeledLifeNFT is ERC721 {…

then in ERC721

import ‘./ERC165.sol’;
import ‘./interfaces/IERC721.sol’;
import ‘./Libraries/Counters.sol’;
import ‘./Strings.sol’;
contract ERC721 is ERC165, IERC721 {

interface IERC721 {
simply holds the external functions for ERC721.

It can compile but can still miss functionality

Can you check here:

Please double check that you have supportsInterface function

thank you. that helped me find the root cause.