Mumbai - NFT List empty

Hello, I’m looking to do a listing NFT page like in the ethereum boilerplate.

The page work for the ropsten network, but when I switch to the mumbai network the SDK’s return is empty.

To save NFT, I use alchemy in a node.js server (didn’t found how to do it with moralis)
To get my metamask NFT, I use

const { data: NFTBalances } = useNFTBalances();

My contract is 0xe62a6e2b595bf28be360c25ae925a4e91b88dd37
My Metamask public address is 0xF31feD16C46Cd73ed744197308D8df7f4A2379fB
My Moralis Server url is
My Moralis app id is q55VBrpQvPaaqgE8XRkDofo5tbGf0nqlWlWk3VB5

Here you can see some nfts exist for this contract :

Here is details about the XHR request I see in my browser

So you can see I’m correctly using the Mumbai network (key 0x13881)

Tell me if you need more informations :ok_hand:
Do you have an idea where the error can come from ?
Thanks for the support

it looks like the smart contract was not deployed on Mumbai and you only tried to call a smart contract function to that address

Oh okay, now that you say it I remember to create the smart contract I used the command

npx hardhat run scripts/deploy.js --network ropsten

Which mean, I suppose, that my contract is available on the ropsten network.

So why I don’t receive an error when I try to create a NFT with this contract on the Mumbai network ?
And where is the NFT ? Because I checked on the ropsten network and the mumbai network with the Moralis useNFTBalances() , I don’t see the created NFT.
My Mumbai balance paid the fees for the NFT creation, so the NFT is real, but where can I find it ?

All this sounds really weird, creating a Mumbai NFT with a Ropsten Smart Contract … :rofl: :upside_down_face:
I’m not doing it to troll, I just would like to understand what’s happening

you can call a random contract function on any address, like you called that NFT creation, it will not give you an error, but it will not work either.