Multiple Sync events

Hi @here I have been gone through the moralis Events syncing by moralis docs. What I get there that If I want to sync a specific event I need to provide the ‘topic’, ‘abi’ and smart contract address.
My question is If I want to get all events under the specif smart contract How can I fetch them?

Lets suppose If NFTs on opensea are being minted, transfered, sold at specific price etc, I want to get the all if these events like minted, trasfered and the sale events as well.

How can I achive this goal using moralis?
Does moralis has support for multiple events on a single sync object creation? Or whatever How can i achive my this specific use-case using moralis?

Thanks in advance.

you can try to use the endpoint for nft transfers:

you can sync multiple events separately

Hi @cryptokid,
I am using moralis sync wallet address (watcEthAddress) from code. I have basically list of users to sync using this approach. After this i need to query from “EthNFTOwners” data from moralis db based on these synced wallet address. How can i do this ?

I dont have have seen the in the moralis Queries section where I can pass the list of wallet address and can query all the data in one query. Can you please help me with this.

you can search on google how to do it with parse server, for example:

Hey @cryptokid When i was doing the moralis query a simple one getting this response, But I want to get the objects of all columns and their data according to my query but it is only giving me the ParseObject with only objectId.

Here is my code:

Here is the response:

Screenshot 2022-01-26 at 4.22.39 PM

strange, can you paste that code?

you can try to use and query.include, but I would expect it to work without that

Here is the code

async function ownedNFT(){ 
    const query = new Moralis.Query("EthNFTOwners");
    const result = await query.find();

Here is the Response:

ParseObject {
      id: 'DxeN2f3IHwM5MDFKiHUitMY2',
      _localId: undefined,
      _objCount: 38,
      className: 'EthNFTOwners'
    ParseObject {
      id: 'RYNi5DX6I4QBEDoQQDWy3Ucz',
      _localId: undefined,
      _objCount: 39,
      className: 'EthNFTOwners'

see it returning me only id, but I want to gett all of the columns objects data that are resides in the NFTOwners table.

If you comment this line it has same result?

yes its the same result after commented out this line.

Hi @cryptokid Can you please help in this like whats the queries i need to use. Like i have made solution based on the moralis but now facing this issue. Please do let me know for this ASAP.
Thanks in advance!