Morlalis Web3.APIs calls limit

Hi @here what is the api rate limit request per second for the moralis Web3.APIs like for the NFT transfers api. How many nft records this api will return for providing the limit into it? what should be the right value for the limit parameter into this api?{address}/nft?chain=eth&format=decimalโ€™

all api calls will return maximum 500 results on a call, for more results pagination should be used with offset parameter

Hi @cryptokid Is there any mechanism on which I can apply sorting on moralis.Web3APIs for example on getNFTTransfer api (I am using the deep index apis for this ?

there is only an implicit sorting now, you can not change that sorting

Hi @cryptokid We want to fetch nft information using your Gets the NFT with the given id of a given contract (/nft/{address}/{token_id})
We need to fetch data for hundreds and thousand of tokens in parallel manner.
Can you share what is the rate limit on the end point ?

/nft/{address}/{token_id} 2 requests

that would mean that every request is counted as 2 requests towards your limit.

for example, if you have the pro plan (88 is the throttle limit), you can not make more than 44 requests per second in parallel to this endpoint.

you can upgrade to better plans if you need more requests