Morarable tutorial part 14 seems to have broken my app

Hi! Me again.

I’ve been trying to follow the Morarable tutorial on YouTube on how to clone Rarible using Moralis. I’m stuck at Part 14 now and I seem to have messed up my code. The console reports no errors so I don’t quite know where to start but I am no longer able to mint NFTs on my local environment. There only appears to be one NFT on the platform now despite more being made previously.

I’m not sure where to look first, I believe it’s got something to do with the getItem and getItems function in the Cloud Functions getting crossed. Where should I look and what code should I post to get help?

Thanks in advance! <3

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Hi @StPinkie

Take a look at Solving common problems [Rarible Clone]

If it will not help - share your github repo and server subdomain.

Thank you very much, i’ll try some troubleshooting with that and if the problem persists I’ll report back. Cheers!

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