Moralis Web3API chainlist error

Cannot convert from ‘Moralis.Web3Api.Models.ChainList’ to ‘Moralis.WebGL.Web3Api.Models.ChainList’

I have been getting this error on unity console for my unity moralis webgl project on line
’ NftOwnerCollection polygonNFTs = await MoralisInterface.GetClient().Web3Api.Account.GetNFTs(“address”.ToLower(), ChainList.eth);’

Any suggestions?

platfrom import and webgl import usually have some conflicts, if you are using webgl (platform import will not work) you can import it like :slight_smile:

using Moralis.WebGL.Web3Api.Models.ChainList;
using Moralis.Web3Api.Models.ChainList;

something along this format, and it will work
like here