Moralis Web Wallet - Redirect Loop Error

I watched the Web Wallet video from Moralis Youtube channel and tried to clone it, but I keep getting HomePage undefined error and Redirect Loop Error.

Is your server awake and is the serverUrl correct? You’ll need to uncomment out the homepage and dashboard variables, and change the values based on that NOTE 2 if the redirect loop still happens.

Although I haven’t played any of the codes, the dashboard buttons are not active yet.

Are you getting any new browser console errors now?

its error

That error days that a function is undefined, or you are reffing to something else?

I ran the code without any changes, I just added the server URL and the AppID.

try to debug it, try to check if that function exists and where it is used

Moralis is not defined error, and there is no button related to the interface.

Not sure what you want to say. There is an error there in console (that transferBep20 being undefined), you can investigate it to see why it shows.

Or you are referring to something else?

its error

This error says that Moralis is not defined. You have to include it initially.

It gives this life after importing

I don’t see how it was imported in that screenshot.

This is the syntax: