Moralis Web API Error: Invalid JSON RPC Response: "no healthly upstream"

I am using the Web3API of moralis to get the nft transfers (node.js) by hitting the endpoint: -


We are using a Pro Plan, and for 10 - 15 days, everything has been working fine.
But just from today, or possibly yesterday, the response is good enough for some time, and then we get the error saying: -

Invalid JSON RPC Response: "no healthy upstream"

Once, we also got the error saying, user blocked (Which definitely should not be the case).

We are performing this operation on polygon blockchain (mainnet), using the default web3 api key.

Urgent support with this issue is required, as there is barely any helo available online, or in documentation.

what is the request that you make when you get that error with β€œno healthy upstream”?

how long did you get that user blocked error?

In particular today there were some problems with polygon nodes, but that should not affect that particular nft/transfers endpoint

you still have this error now with no healthy upstream ?