Moralis Wallet Connect Integration in cordova packaged react app

I have implemented a real estate dapp in react, then our client requested to convert webapp into mobile app so we have used cordova to packege the app, So with webapp wallet connect works perfectly fine, But for mobile apps its not working, this connect button didnt invoke metamask application how to solve this issue for cordova packeged apps.

MetaMask doesn’t show up as an option once you click “Connect”? Have you tested WalletConnect (to MetaMask) on another app?

Yes, when i check the react app in the mobile browser it showed metamask and connection also worked, but when I used the cordova package mobile app, the connect button is not working

So it’s an issue with your app specifically. I’m not familiar with Cordova. Check your emulator or device for any warnings or errors, you may need to convert it with different settings or create a separate mobile version of your app.