Moralis Wallet Connect authenticate not working with Gnosis multisig

I am using Moralis wallet connect provider to authenticate. I want to connect a multi sig wallet from the Gnosis safe to my app. I am able to establish the connection but after one of the signers of the multi sig accept the login signature it errors out on the app side. We still need one more signature from the other signer but unable to get to that step.

Hi @nakulparmar

Does it work correctly on pancakeswap, rarible? I’m not sure if it’s a problem on Moralis side, probably it’s an issue with WC itself

Yes I’ve used the gnosis with other apps having wallet connect and it works, but I don’t think any of them use the moralis API for it.

@Yomoo Please provide some solution here, I have seen other threads too regarding wallet connect errros and they are also not solved yet. It is really important for us to integrate wallet connect in our app, if we cant use the moralis authenticate for it then please provide us with a workaround if possible. Can we use custom wallet provider to authenticate?

Hi @nakulparmar

There are some problems in the WC work on react-moralis, we are working on it. You can use the enableWeb3 method instead of authenticate

I spent some time on testing gnosis+wc+moralis sign-in. Looks like the problem is because of signing message

Will using enableWeb3 still add the the user info on the user table? Like the eth address and other info? Cause we are using Moralis User object to get the eth address and some other info like email.

No, it’ll not. `````

Okay then I guess we have to wait for a fix in the package then

I am not sure if it is related to the chainid, but we have our app on polygon

Not really all WC-supported wallets work as expected, this one is an example. It looks like a bug on the walletConnect side, we are checking it now

any updates here @Yomoo ?

If the signature process is different then we may need to have a different login mechanism for that wallet in particular.

How does a signature for a message looks like in that case and how can you validate it?

I am not sure about it, ideally wallet connect should handle any transaction and wallet connect does work for other dapps I’ve used.

it is a difference from signing a transaction that gets sent to the chain versus signing a message

Yeah so what’s your point? Can I not use wallet connect from Moralis to sign messages? Is there a bug on the SDK or is Moralis not going to support it?

I don’t know yet what is special about that wallet, it may require a different authentication method to validate the signature if it is not the same signing method used as MetaMask

This issue still exists after the update

@ivan Hi Ivan I am unable to get a solution from the devs since a month now, can you please help me out here, no response since 7 days

the sdk is open source, would you know what to fix?